SAP Logo                               Welcome to MESAP   
                    (Moshannon Valley Elementary Student Assistance Program) 
    What is MESAP?  A program designed to identify issues that pose a barrier to student success.  Click here for a brochure that explains the program. 
    Who makes up the team?  The MESAP team consists of the elementary principal, various teachers and the school counselor:  Mrs. Canner, Mrs.  Clarkson, Ms. Elensky, Mrs. Frisco,  Mrs. Hook, Mrs. Ivory, Ms. Mock, Mrs. Payne, Dr. Tomasko and Mrs. Weist.
    Who can make a referral to the MESAP team?   Anyone, including:  teachers, school staff, students, and parents/guardians. 
    How do I make a referral?  Students:   Use the referral form located on the desk by the 2nd floor elevator or contact any team member (look for a MESAP poster outside of their classroom/office)


    Teachers/school staff/parents/guardians:  Fill out a MESAP Referral Form  and put it in the ME-SAP mailbox in the main office or complete this online MESAP referral form and it will be sent directly to the team members.  

     What happens after a referral is made?

    • The referral is discussed by the team
    • The students' teachers are asked to fill out checklists
    • After all information is gathered, the parents are contacted.
    • Information is gathered from the parents
    • Team recommendations are given to the parents
    • Parents/guardians decide whether to continue with ME-SAP
    • Recommendations are made by the team to the family of the student.