Title I Parent Involvement

  • The active involvement of all parents of children in the Title I program is absolutely essential to the success of the program. To this end, the district will strive to implement the following measures:
    1. Parents will be informed of the Title I Program, their child’s participation and their right to be involved.
    2. A flexible number of meetings will be scheduled and if necessary, funds from the parent involvement section of the budget may be spent for such things as transportation, child care or home visits.
    3. Parents will be involved in the planning, review and improvement of the program through attendance at the meetings throughout the year, individual parent conferences, workshops, etc.
    4. Parents shall be provided with timely information concerning the program through literature, flyers, and letters sent home with their children.
    5. Parents will be given the results of their individual child’s assessment results.
    6. Parents shall be given a description of the program’s basic curriculum, forms of assessment, and performance levels which students are expected to meet.
    7. Timely responses will be given to suggestions made by parents in the meetings.
    8. Emphasis will be continuous on the necessity for shared parent-school responsibility for the successful performance of the children in the Title I Program.
    9.  Parents are informed that each department (Reading/Math) has resources that can be borrowed or consumable resources available for parents to use to further the progress of their child.

    Home and School Compact: Home School Compact

    This policy helps parents understand and take part in the school's efforts to make the programs in the district the best we can make them for our children's sake.
    Parental/Family Involvement School District Policy No. 917
    Title I Parental Involvement School District Policy No. 918
    Title I Parental Involvement Policy 2014-2015

    September 4th-7th Beginning of Year K-6
    January 22nd-25th Middle of Year K-6
    May 13th-17th End of Year K-6

    September 17th-21st Beginning of Year K-6
    February 4th-7th Middle of Year K-6
    May 20th-24th End of Year K-6

    ELA and Math Benchmark Testing
    September 10th-14th Test 1 Grades 1-6
    November 5th- 9th Test 2: Grades 1-6
    January 28th-February 1st Test 3: Grades 1-6
    May 6th- 10th Test 4: Grades 1-6

    April 15th-17th PSSA ELA Testing
    April 29th-30th PSSA Mathematics Testing
    May 1st-2nd PSSA Science Testing
    April 29th-May 3rd PSSA Make-Up Window of Assessment