• The performance of the Superintendent shall be assessed against a Framework for Leadership with 10 indicators of performance for Superintendent Evaluation. The Board of Directors and the Superintendent mutually agree to the following performance domains:

    Domain #1: Organizational Leadership

    Domain #2: Student Growth & Achievement

    Domain #3: Student Engagement

    Domain #4: Staff Engagement

    Domain #5: Parent/Community Engagement

    Domain #6: District Operations & Financial Management

    Domain #7: Human Resource Management

    Domain #8: School Board Relations

    Domain #9: Professionalism

    Domain #10: Objective Performance Standards

          1. Student growth as measured through multiple assessment measures

          2. Graduation rate of students in the School District

          3.  Leadership Professional Development

    The Board of School Directors completed the Superintendent’s annual evaluation for the 2021-2022 school year on August 15, 2022.  The Superintendent met the objective performance standards.