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    Breakfast and Lunch Information


    No student will ever be denied a first breakfast or first lunch.  

    At lunch time, students in grades 7-8 may take one (1) fruit item with their meal.

    Students in grades 9-12 may take up to two (2) fruit items. 

    A student may substitute a choice for a main entrée; however, if a student chooses an entrée and a choice, the student will be charged the a la carte price for the extra item.

    As a reminder, students are no longer permitted to charge “extra” items to a negative account. Students must have money in their account in order to purchase “extras.”  

    When students need to add money to their account, they may do so in one of the following ways:     

    Online through Skyward/Revtrak

    Office Drop Boxes

    Cashiers.   Students may give their money envelope to a cashier. 

    The envelope must be clearly marked with the student’s name, ID # and amount enclosed.


    Thanks for choosing the MVSD cafeteria for

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