•  Members of the Moshannon Valley Community Education Foundation, Alumni Association and Administration break ground.
    MVCEF Alumni Honor Wall under construction.  
    The Moshannon Valley Community Education Foundation's Alumni Honor Wall is nearly complete; over 500 bricks sold to date...  
    Second round of engravings...  

    Buy a Brick - MVCEF Alumni Honor Wall

    The Alumni Honor Wall is being built as a way to honor all of those who have been part of the history of the Moshannon Valley School District and its success.

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    Your contribution of $50.00 for the personalized brick will go towards funding an annual Alumni Association scholarship for a graduating senior of Moshannon Valley.
    Online Price is $52.00 
    Thanks to those who have purchased a brick or donated to the Alumni Honor Wall fund...

        Donations: Vivian Corl, Gene and Jeanne Draisey, Gregory Dufour,  Gerard Duke , HWB Alumni Association, Ling Gut Hu, Brenda Johnson, Jeanne Kitko, Frank and Debra Kruise, Mark Lloyd, Loyal Order of the Moose #327, Loyal Order of the Moose #1172, Helen Mancuso, Walter E. McClelland Jr., Mid Penn Coal Company, Lucille Novak, Doris J. Reed, Caryn Southern, and Thomas Swoope.

       In memory of:  

       Rose Capatch, by Capatch Family Trust,  Kevin and Diane Capatch,  and Dr. Thomas and Colleen Cook.

       Frank Stumpf,  by Frank and Debra Kruise.

       Donations made to the Moshannon Valley Alumni Association:

        Judy Albert, A. James and Annette Durica, Carol A. Fundanish, Gerard Hansel, Jack Hopkins, Fay Lanham, M.A. Morga, Barbara Isak, Daniel and Donna Morgan,  Gloria Leaper Nadbath,  George Pallo, Jr., John Rebar,  Carolann Baylin Smith, Wallace D. Smith, and James Valeri.

       Memorial Bricks - 

       R.J. “Dick” Archer,  HWB 1952 by Peg  Helsel and Wayne Archer.

       Dr. Roy F. Baker, Madera HS Benefactor, by Victor and Carolyn Stanley.

       George Baron,  Bigler Township 1946, by Caryn Southern.

        Anna Basarab,  Bigler Township 1935, by Mary Osborne.

       George Basarab, Bigler Township  1930, by Mary Osborne.                 

        Michael Basarab,  Bigler Township 1933, by Mary Osborne.

       Matthew Belin, MVHS 1960, by Marcia Belin.

       Stephen Belin,  Inst. & Tech Coordinator, by Mary Ann Belin.

       Stephen Belin, MVHS 1963, by Mary Ann Belin.

       Steve Biancuzzo, MVHS 1988, by Jim Southern.   

        Gary Brady, MVHS 1969, by Doug and Laura Mihalko.

       Delores Bungo, MJHS 1955, by Madaline Duke.  

       Joe Campolong, Jr.,  MVHS 1964, by Mary Jo Campolong.

       Charles Cardinal, MVHS 1960, by Shirley Snyder.

       Delores Cardinal, MVHS 1965, by Rhonda Majewsky and Jennifer Randolph.

       John R. Chihon, MVHS Teacher, by Connie Godin.

       George M. Close, H.S. Principal, by Donna Close.

       John McClay Close, MVHS 1960, by Donna Close.

       Kimberly Jo Close, MVHS 1975, by the Southern family.

       Murray Copenhaver, School Director 44Yrs., by Frank and Cheryl Thompson.

       Ross Copenhaver, School Direct by Ronald Copenhaver.

        Andrea Crossett, MVHS 1998, Wall Architect, by MVCEF.

       Carmen Cugini, Music Teacher/ Chorus, by E. Sally Cugini.

       Raymond DiBagio, HHS 1941, by DiBagio family.

       Romeo DiBagio, HHS benefactor, by DiBagio family.

       William Dinant, MVHS 1959, by Lorraine B. Dinant .

    Michael Duke, MVHS 1979, by Madaline Duke.

    Emory Durica, MVHS 1961, by A. James Durica.

       Mabel Elling, School   Secretary, by Mary Jo Campolong.

       William “Joey” Ellis, MVHS 1994, by Bill and Donna Ellis.

       Lonny Finney, MVHS 1965, by Sheron Sefchick Bell.

       Cleoda Fowler, Bigler Township 1934, by Jennifer Jones.

       Anna Mae Freeberg, MVHS 1962, by Rodger Kephart.

       Albert Genesi, School Director 16 Yrs., by Anntoinette Schram.

       August Godin, Bigler Township 1944, by Gary and Connie Godin.

       James A. Hagan, HHS 1940, by Sam and Leslie Tiesi.

    Melinda L. Hamm, 1995 MVHS, by Kathy M. Hamm. 

       Charles M. Helsel, HHS 1946, by Jean Helsel Hampton.

       Wm. R. “Bill” Helsel, HHS 1943, by Peg Helsel and family.

       Gregory Tom Hensal, MVHS 1977, by Caryn Southern.

       George Henshaw, WHS Principal, by WHS Alumni.

       Brian Janowiak, MVHS 1989, by Tom and Kathy Janowiak .

        Nancy Kowalcyk, MVHS 1964, by MVHS class of 1964.

       Annamae Kephart, School Director, by Rodger Kephart.

       Frank Kitko, Math Teacher, by Ken Nevling.

       Dr. Francis R. Kniss, Supervising Principal, by MVHS Class of 1962, Madera Center.

       James R. Kniss, Bigler Township 1946, by Donna Kniss.

       Tressa M. Kniss, Secretary/ Teacher, by Donna Kniss.

       Michael Kohan, Ramey HS 1930, by Mary Osborne.

       S. Donald Kokoskie, Bigler Township 1948, by Kathleen Kokoskie.

       Bonnie Kowalcyk, MVHS 1961, by Bob Reed.

       Bradley G. Kritzer, MVHS 2003, by Roger and Sharon Kritzer.

       Ronald Kunsman, MVHS 1964, by Nancy Kunsman Ward.

      John Lazor, MVHS 1969, by John Freeberg.

       Mabel Leaper, Bigler Township 1943, by Mary Jo Campolong.

       Doris Lehman, Bigler Township 1937, by Jennifer Jones.

       Thomas G. Lehman, MVHS 1965, by Caryn Southern.

       Velma G. Lobb, Guidance Counselor, by Edward and Elizabeth Reese.

    William D. Love, WHS 1945, by Ruth Ann Brown and Russell H. Love.

       Thomas Lutz, MVHS 1986, by Traci Southern.

       Gerald Mancuso, Music Teacher/ Band, by Helen Mancuso.

       LaFall McBride, MVHS 2016, by Junior High Girls’ Basketball Team.

       Nan Miller, MVHS 1971,   by Armilda Miller.

       Dr. George Mills, School Director, by the Mills Family.

       Anthony C. Morroni, MVHS 1976, by John and Betty Ann Morroni.

       Robert S. Mowchan, MVHS 1958, by Allison Mowchan Smeal.

       Les Peterson, HWB 1951, by Beverly Yarger Peterson.

       Helen M. Pnakovich, Bigler Township 1935, by Margaret Lorigan. 

       Frank D. Pollick, MVHS 1969, by Sonja Pollick Calandro.

    Eugene Raponi, MJHS 1952, by Betty Raponi.

       John Reese, MVHS 1964, by Edward and Elizabeth Reese.

       William Reese, MVHS 1956, by Elizabeth Reese.

       Bernetta Rebelli, MVHS 1964, by MVHS Class of 1964.

       Frederick Richter, MVHS 1964, by MVHS Class of 1964.

       Barbara S. Rusnak, MVHS 1964, by MVHS Class of 1964.

       Thomas Rodkey, WHS 1942, by Betty A. Rodkey.

       Frank Scrano, Bigler Township 1937, by Caryn Southern.

       Gard W. Shoff, Jr.,  Bigler Township 1942, by Julia Shoff.

       Gladys D. Smith, School Nurse, by Kathy Fraley.

       John Solensky, 6th Grade Teacher, by David Wulderk.

       Robert Southern, MVHS 1964, by Jennifer Jones.

       William Southern, MVHS 1964, by Jennifer Jones.

       Christopher Souder, MVHS 1994, by Doris Souder.

       Delores Srock, Bigler Township 1947, by Thomas G. Srock.

       George A. Srock, Bigler Township 1949, by Thomas G. Srock.

       Frank Stumpf, Ind. Arts Teacher, by Elizabeth Stumpf.

        Doris J. Swidersky, WHS 1946, by Sam and Leslie Tiesi.

       Michael Sypa, MVHS Teacher, by David Wulderk.

         John Temchak, School Director, by Robert and Theresa Dombrosky.

       Andrew J. Thomas, Jr., Bigler Township 1935, by Carmella Almquist.

       Adelyn Tiracorda, Bigler Township 1930, by Carmella Almquist.

       John Tomchick, MVHS 1963, by Jerry Tomchick.

       G. Herman Prof Thrush, Teacher/ Coach, by Nancy Thrush.

         Randy Tubo, MVHS 1970, by David Wulderk.

    Charles Vogel, Principal, by WHS Alumni.

       Mildred Wallace, Bigler Township 1929, by Bill and Elaine Smiles.

       Irene A. Wardo, Bigler Township 1948, by Gary and Connie Godin.

       Helen Washic, Cafeteria Cook, by Thomas Washic.

       Richard P. Washic, Jr., MVHS 1992, by MVHS Class of 1964. 

       Robert E. Waterloo, Bigler Township 1942, by Virginia Waterloo.

       Robert S. Williams, MVHS 1956, by Caryn Southern.

         Marie R. Woomer,  HHS 1938, by Bill and Elaine Smiles.

       Thomas W. Yarger, MVHS 1959, by Diane Yarger.

    Honor bricks - 

       Nanette Anderson, MVHS 1971, by Robert and Patricia Anderson.

       Robert  J. Anderson, Jr., MVHS 1974, by Robert and Patricia Anderson.

       Todd J. Anderson, MVHS 1976, by Robert and Patricia Anderson.

       Gilbert R. Beck, MVHS 1960, by Nichole Beck Wonderling.

        Zachary Bloom, MVHS 2015, by Beverly Bloom.

       Laura Camberg, MVHS 2000, by Harold and Jean Camberg.

       Carol DeLattre, School Director 10 Yrs., by the DeLattre family.

       Sandy Dufour, MVHS 1964, by Larry Dugan.

       Larry J. Dugan, MVHS 1962, by Larry Dugan.

       Gerard Duke, MVHS 1980, by Madaline Duke.

       Kenneth Duke, MVHS 1971, by Madaline Duke.

       Carol Elling, MVHS 1966, by Doug and Laura Mihalko.

       Robert Gresh, MVHS 1983, by Donna Zazworsky.

       HWB Alumni 1947-1955, MVHS Alumni 1956-1958, by  The Committee.

       Tim Janowiak, MVHS 1992, by Tom and Kathy Janowiak.

       Barbara Killinger, MVHS 1959, by Lee Lowry.

       Carole Kokosko, MVHS 1968, by W. Patrick Kokosko.

       Gregory Kokosko, MVHS 1979, by W. Patrick Kokosko.

       Jennifer Kritzer, MVHS 2001, by Roger and Sharon Kritzer.

       Anthony Kruise, MVHS 2008, by Frank and Debra Kruise.

       Caryn L. Lee, MVHS 1965, by Jennifer Jones.

       John H. Lehman, MVHS 1996, by Cheri Lehman.

       John L. Lehman, MVHS 1960, by Caryn Southern.

       Anna B. Lenkevich, HWB 1950, by Mary Kay Williams.

       John R. Lloyd, MVHS 1956, by Dave and Christy Lloyd.

       Russell Love, HWB 1952, by Ken and Debra Pifer.

       Traci Lutz, MVHS 1993, by Caryn Southern.

       Bev Marchincin, HHS 1946, by Ron Marchincin.

       Wes McMasters, MVHS 2007, by Rosemary McMasters.

       James Mihalko, MVHS 1966, by Doug and Laura Mihalko.

       Brandon F. Morroni, MVHS 2009, by John and Betty Ann Morroni.

       Karen C. Morroni, MVHS 1979, by John and Betty Ann Morroni.

       Lisa C. Morroni, MVHS 1976, by John and Betty Ann Morroni.

       Moshannon  Valley  Class of 1962, Madera Center, by MVHS Class of 1962, Madera Center.

       Moshannon  Valley  Class of 1965, by Anonymous.

       Moshannon  Valle y Class of 2015, by MVHS Class of 2015.

       Moshannon Valley Class of 2016, by MVHS Class of 2016;

        Moshannon Valley Class of 2017, by MVHS Class of 2017.

       Moshannon Valley Class of 2018, by MVHS Class of 2018.

    Moshannon Valley Class of 2019, by MVHS Class of 2019.

       Moshannon Valley Class of 2020, by MVHS Class of 2020.

       National Honor Society, Est. 1964, by Amy Shetrom.

       Angelique O’Donnell, MVHS 2003, by Leon and Pam O’Donnell.

       Kerry O’Donnell, MVHS Class of 2014, by Leon and Pam O’Donnell.

       Kyle O’Donnell, MVHS Class 2014, by Leon and Pam O’Donnell.

       Tom Oswalt, Jr.,MVHS 1988,  by Tom and Betty Oswalt.

       Dave G. Peachman, MVHS 1991, by Mary Kay Peachman.

      H. Dave Peachman, MVHS 1968, by Mary Kay Peachman.

       Jeff T. Peachman, MVHS 1994, by Mary Kay Peachman.

         Tina Peachman, MVHS 1990, by Mary Kay Peachman.

       Tess Randolph, MVHS 2019, by Jennifer Randolph.

       Chris Reed, MVHS 1989, by Bob Reed.

       Lori Reed, MVHS 1972, by Robert and Patricia Anderson.

       Rob Reed, MVHS 1985, by Bob Reed.

       Pauline E. Reese, MVHS 1984, by Elizabeth Reese.

       Tracie Reese, Teacher, by Elizabeth Reese.

       William M. Reese, MVHS 1983, by Elizabeth Reese.

       George Richards, MVHS 1967, by Piper Lee Richards.

       Patrick Rodgers, MVHS 1959, by Rhonda Majewsky and Jennifer Randolph.

       Brett Sherkel,  MVHS 2018, by Jim Sherkel.

       Sarah Irene Shrock, MVHS 1992, by Diane Yarger.

       Derek Southern, MVHS 2012, by Doris Lee.

       James L. Southern, MVHS 1988, by Caryn Southern.

       Jennifer Southern, MVHS 1997, by Caryn Southern.

       Robert Southern, Jr., MVHS 1992, by Caryn Southern.

       Tanner Southern, MVHS 2018, by Doris Lee.

       Thomas Southern, MVHS 1961, by Jennifer Jones.

       Ali Stodart, MVHS 1999, by Dave and Micki Stodart.

       Ashlee Stodart, MVHS 2002, by Dave and Micki Stodart.

       Haley Stodart, MVHS 2015, by Jim and Lanette Stodart.

       James Stodart, Jr., MVHS 2013, by Jim and Lanette Stodart.

       David Stroup, MJHS 1952, by Don Stroup. 

       Student Council 2014-2015, by Student Council 2014-2015.   

       Christian Stumpf, MVHS 1990, by Elizabeth Stumpf.

       Matthew Stumpf, MVHS 1991, by Elizabeth Stumpf.

       Pete Tatanish, MVHS 1977, by Robert Tatanish.

       Wendy Thompson, MVHS 1993, by Frank and Cheryl Thompson.

       Corinne Tiesi,  MVHS 2008, by Sam and Leslie Tiesi.

       Paige Tiesi, MVHS 2019, by Sam and Leslie Tiesi.

        Amy Tomasko, MVHS 2007, by Elizabeth Reese.

       Thomas Tomasko, MVHS Teacher, by Elizabeth Reese.

       Vanessa Tomasko, MVHS 2005, by Elizabeth Reese.

       Joe Tomchick, MVHS 2010, by Mary Kay Williams.

       John D. Tomchick, MVHS 2012, by Mary Kay  Williams.

       Michael Tomchick, MVHS 1975, by Mary Kay Williams.

       Marshall Wagner, H.S. Principal, by Linda Wagner.

       Richard P. Washic, MVHS 1964, by Doug and Laura

       Carol A. Wolfgang, HWB 1952, by Fay Lanahan.

       Aaron Wonderling, MVHS 2021, by Donald and Nichole Wonderling.

       Alan Wonderling, MVHS 2017, by Donald and Nichole Wonderling.

       Woodward Twp. HS, Alumni 1929-1946, by WHS Alumni.

       Stephen J. Wulderk, MVHS 1975, by John and Bety Ann Morroni.

       Thomas J. Wulderk, MVHS 2002, by John and Betty Ann Morroni.

       Franklin P. Yarger, MVHS 1989, by Diane Yarger.

       John Wesley Yarger, MVHS 1988, by Diane Yarger.

       Thomas W. Yarger, Jr., MVHS 1983, by Diane Yarger.

       Personal Brick Purchases:

       R. Donald Adam, HWB 1952.

       Kris Albright,  MVHS 2001.

       Judy A. Alleman, MVHS 1968.

       Donna Anderson, MVHS 1956.

       Morris Anderson, MVHS 1967.

       Robert J. Anderson, HWB 1952.

       Marion L. Archer, WHS 1937. 

       Edward Bardi, MVHS 1961.

        Carolyn Baron, MVHS 1964. 

        Nannette Baxter, MVHS 1984.

       Carolann Baylin, MVHS 1961.

       Nichole Beck, MVHS 1988.

       Jean Berg, MVHS 1968.

       Pamela Bierlair, MVHS 1980.

       Beverly Bloom, MVHS 1991.

       Paul  F.  Bradley, Teacher/Coach.

       Laura Brady, MVHS 1997.

       Lathea Britten, HWB 1954.

        Jamie D. Callovini MVHS 1998.

       Harold L. Camberg, MVHS 1997.

       Dave Campolong, MVHS 1965.

       Joseph Capitos, MJHS 1954.

       Joe C. Cervenak, MVHS 1986.  

       Andrew Chabala, HWB 1951.

        Walter E. Chihon, MJHS 1950.

       Connie Chihon-Godin, Elementary Principal.

       Paul Clancy, MVHS 1959.

       Sophia Colton, HWB 1947.

       Cheryl Copenhaver, MVHS 1969.

       Maynard Cotter, MVHS 1961.

       Crain, MVHS   2005.

       Doris Cramer, MVHS 1961.

        E. Sally Cugini, Music Teacher – Chorus.

       Shirley Custred, MVHS 1967.

       Kathleen Daniel, HWB 1951.

       Chester R. Dale, MJHS 1951.

       Michael Delflosse, MVHS 1973.

       Tonya DeVecchis-Kerr, Superintendent.

       Elmo DiBiagio, HWB 1949.

       Esther DiBiagio, HHS 1943.

       Nilda DiBiagio, HWB 1951.

       Tony DiBiagio, HHS 1946.

       Margo Dombrosky, MVHS 1973.

       Gregory Dufour, MVHS 1992.

       Robert T. Dufour, MVHS 1965.

       Larry Dugan, MVHS 1984.

       Mary Jo Elling, MVHS 1964.

       Donald R. Evans, Superintendent.

       E. Jeanne Evans, HWB 1958.

       Michael Evcic, MVHS 1971.

       Joe R. Finney, MVHS 1965.

       Sheron Finney, MVHS 1964.

       Sharon Fish, MVHS 1968.

       John Freeberg, MVHS 1960.

       George Gallo, MJHS 1953.

       Maureen Gathagan, MVHS 1991.

       Shirley M. Giza, MVHS 1962.

       Thomas Glowacki, HWB 1955.

       Joseph Gmerek, HWB 1949.

       Gary L. Godin, MVHS 1972.

       David Gould, MVHS 1963.

       Patty Gresh, MVHS 1967.

       Leslie Hagan, MVHS 1986.

       Helen L. Hamilton, MVHS 1958.

       Kathy M. Hamm, MVHS 1972.

       Gerard A. Hansel, HWB 1948.

       Frank Harchak, MVHS 1974. 

        Chester A. Hawkins, MVHS 1965.

        Jennifer Hawkins, MVHS 1993.

       William H. Hawkins, MVHS 1964.

       Jack Hensal, MVHS 1965.

       Elsie Holt, MVHS 1976.

       Jack Hopkins, MVHS 1967.

       Lynn Hopkins, MVHS 1964.

       Tom Hopkins, MVHS 1961. 

        John Horgas, Jr., MVHS 1974.

        Rhonda Humphrey, MVHS 1986.

        Sherri Humphrey, MVHS 1989.

        Howard K. Hunt, MVHS 1963.

        Janice Rae Hunt, MVHS 1967.

        Tom Janowiak, MVHS 1964.

        Doris R. Jenkins, HWB 1949.

        Barbara Johnson, MVHS 1965.

        Sandra Johnson, MVHS 1973.

        Shirley Johnson, MVHS 1961.

        Betsy A. Jones, MVHS 1965.

        Irene Karlinchak, HWB 1947.

        Gerard Kasubick, MVHS 1972.

        Bill Kawa, MVHS 1965.

       Don Keith, MVHS 1978.

       Amy Kephart, MVHS 1987.

        Judy Kephart, MVHS 1966.

         L. Butch Kephart, MVHS 1961.

        Marshall Kephart, MVHS 1960.

        Rodger Kephart, MVHS 1959.

        Wallace Kephart, MVHS 1954.

        Chrystle Kerfoot, MVHS 1989.

        Sharon Kitchen, MVHS 1975.

         Robert F Kitko, Jr., MVHS 1984.

         Cynthia Knight, MVHS 1978.

         Tom Knight, MVHS 1965.

          John Gus Kohan, MJHS 1955.

        Mary Kohan, MVHS 1958.

         Michael B. Kohan, MVHS 1959.

         Mary Ann Kokal, MVHS 1959.

        Larry Kokoskie, MJHS 1955.

        Larry Kokoskie, School Director 30 Yrs.

        Margaret Kokosko, MVHS 1964.

        W. Patrick Kokosko, MVHS 1967.

        John Kopilchack, MVHS 1957.

        John Kopilchak, MVHS 1968.

       Rosemary Kowalcyk, MVHS 1964.

        Christina Kruise, MVHS 2005.

        Kathleen Lazeration, MVHS 1970.

        John Lebda, MVHS 1965.

        Connie LeCerf, MVHS 1964.

        Tom Leon, MVHS 1965.

        Beth Ann Lobb, MVHS 1960.

        Connie Lobb, MVHS 1965.

        Kay Lobb, MVHS 1965.

        Mabel Lobb, HWB 1955.

        Ethel Lockett MVHS 1957.

        Ruth Ann Love, HWB 1954.

        Donald R. Luzier, HWB 1950.

        Joan McIntire, MVHS 1958.

        Brenda Mihalko, MVHS 1965.

        Douglas Mihalko, MVHS 1992.

        Michael Mittal, MJHS 1953.

        Jaye E. Moore, MVHS 1979.

        Claudia Morroni, MVHS 1972.

        John A. Morroni, MJHS 1953.

        Tonia Morroni, MVHS 1968.

        Robert Moskel, MVHS 1956.

        William H. Moyer, MVHS 1973.

        Paulette Murawski, MVHS 1961.

        Kenneth Nevling, MVHS 1964.

        Lori Niebauer, MVHS 1984.

        Leon O’Donnell, MVHS 1974.

        Tom Oswalt, MVHS 1966.

        George Pallo, Jr., MVHS 1974.

        Carol Pearson, MVHS 1963.

        Vanessa Pearson, MVHS 1974.

        Patricia Peslipsky, MVHS 1967.

        Pat Petrovich, Bigler Township 1950.

        Jack Plummer, Bigler Township 1945.

        Janet M. Plummer, MVHS 1977.

        John S. Plummer, MVHS 1973.

        Sonja Pollick, MVHS 1967.

        Joseph Priselac, MVHS 1976.

       Mary V. Radecki, MJHS 1950.

       Raymond Raffin, MVHS 1958.

       Rick Reams, MVHS 1976.

       Barbara Redzensky, MVHS 1960.

       Carol Redzensky, MVHS 1956.

       Bob Reed, MVHS 1961.

       Edward Ted Reese, MVHS 1960.

       Elizabeth Reese, MVHS Teacher.

       James C. Reese, MVHS 1966.  

       Betty Ann Rerko, MJHS 1953.

       Nancy Lee Roberts, MVHS 1964.

       Elaine Robertson, MVHS 1959.

       Betty A. Rodkey, WHS 1944.

       Larry Rodkey, HWB 1948.

       J. Rosengren, MJHS 1953.

       Georgie Rudiak, MVHS 1969.

       Jack Sankey, Faculty  ’64-’02.

       Larry Sell, MVHS 1964.

       Jim Sherkel, MVHS 1974.

       Joshua Sherkel, MVHS 2002.

       Amy Shetrom, MVHS Teacher.

       Gard Whitt Shoff, MVHS 1974.

       Jack Sinclair, MVHS1978.

       Linda Sinclair, MVHS 1970.

       Kathy Skonier, MVHS 1966.

       John Smeal, MVHS 1959.

       Mark Smeal, MVHS 1979.

       Corey Socoski, MVHS 1989.

       Paul Socoski, Jr. MVHS 1965.

       Thomas G. Srock, MJHS 1952.

       John Stanley, MVHS 1961.

       Victor Tut Stanley, MVHS 1958.

       Dave Stodart, MVHS 1973.

       Diane T. Stodart, MVHS 1970.

       Micki Stodart, MVHS 1973.

       Frank Swartz, MVHS 1965.

       Paul Swidersky, MVHS 1964.

       Dee Swineford, MVHS 1965.

       Hank Swoope, MVHS 1960.

       Tim Swoope, MVHS 1967.

       Alex Tatanish, MVHS 1977.

       Coleen Tatanish, MVHS 1973.

       Marleen Tatanish, MVHS 1977.

       Frank Thompson, MVHS 1969.

       Robert L. Thompson, HWB 1953.

       Robert J. Tatanish, MVHS 1967.

       Vladimere Temchack, MJHS 1953.

       Carmella M. Thomas, MVHS 1970.

       Roland G. Tiracorda, Bigler Township 1933.

       Mary Kay Tomchick, MVHS 1979.

       James Valeri, MJHS 1953.

       Stacy Vancas, MVHS 1989.

       Donna M. Visnofsky, MVHS 1956.

        James Walstrom, MVHS 1979.

       Jamie Washell, Coach/Choreographer.

       Joyce Wilkes, MVHS  1958.

       Joe Wilks, HWB 1951.

       Jonathon L. Williams, MVHS 1989.

        Nancy Williams, MVHS 1965.

        Peggy A. Williams, MVHS 1989.

        Fay Wolfgang,  MVHS 1957.

         Sandy Wulderk, MVHS 1968.

       James E. Yarger, MVHS 1969.

        Vicki Yebernetsky, MVHS 1965.

        Francis Zapsky, MVHS 1965.

        Trish Zapsky, MVHS 1972.

        Zachary Zapsky, MVHS 2005.

        Dan Zazworsky, MVHS 1971.

        Donna Zazworsky, MVHS 1973.

        Bill Chub Zimmerman, HWB 1955.

        Clarissa Zimmerman, HWB 1949.

        Pearl Zimmerman, HWB 1950.

     Memorial bricks –

    John Basarab, Bigler Township HS, 1938, by John G. Kohan

    Mary Basarab, Bigler Township HS, 1939, by John G. Kohan

    Stephen Basarab, Bigler Township HS, 1931, by John G. Kohan

    Christine Cornely, Bigler Township HS, 1926, by Madera Presbyterian Church

    Dylan Scott Keith, MVHS, 2011, by Sara Rae Holden

    Donna Kephart, HWB, 1953, by Robert and Patricia Anderson

    John Kohan, Ramey HS, 1934, by John G. Kohan

    Mary M. Kohan, Ramey HS, 1926, by John G. Kohan

    Thomas C. Lloyd, HWB, 1952, by Ruby E. Lloyd

    Dylan Ludwig, MVHS, 2012, by Derek Southern and family

    Samuel Pollick, School Director-16 years, by Anita Pollick

    Clifford Reed, HWB, 1950, by Robert and Patricia Anderson

    Billy Richardson, MVHS, 1978, by Bill and Joyce Richardson

    William J. Ronan, MVHS, 1961, by Hedy M. Ronan

    Cecilia Supenia, MVHS, 1965, by Ron Lizotte

    John Thomas, Bigler Township HS, 1933, by Dr. Andrew Thomas

    Joseph H. Webb, MVHS, 1958, by the Southern Family

    Honor bricks –

    Monna Kephart, MJHS, 1955, by Timothy and Kimberly Grigsby

    Jessica J. Lehman, MVHS, 1994, by Cheri Lehman

    Moshannon Valley Class of 2011, by Sara Rae Holden

    Terril “T” Stiles, MVHS, 2015, by Doris Souder

    Zoe Amelia Stiles, MVHS, 2012, by Doris Souder

    David P. Wulderk, MVHS, 1972, by Raymond and Patricia Wulderk

    Personal bricks –

    R. Ball, MVHS, 1970

    David G. Campbell, MVHS Principal

    Sherri Campbell, MVES Principal

    Ellen Close, Bigler Township HS, 1944

    Patricia A. Cotter, HWB, 1949

    Kathryn Kephart, MJHS, 1953

    Chris Kokoskie, MVHS, 1989

    Thomas J. Mills, HWB, 1952

    Hedy Miscavish, MVHS, 1962

    Al Pallo, MVHS Faculty/Coach, 1962-94

    Marie Tiracorda, MVHS, 1965

    Andrew J. Thomas, MVHS, 1965

    Corrections –

    Jean Bergh, MVHS, 1968

    Harold L. Camberg, MVHS, 1967

    Sharon L. Fish, MVHS, 1969

    Anthony C. Morroni, MVHS, 1978, by John and Betty Ann Morroni

    William R. Reese, MVHS, 1956, by Elizabeth Reese

    Patrick Rodgers, MVHS, 1960, by Rhonda Majewsky and Jennifer Randolph

    Micki Sherkel, MVHS, 1973

    John Temchack, School Director

    Memorial Bricks –

    Crystal Brown, MVHS 1985, by Nancy Brown, mother; Tim Brown, son; Patrick Brown, brother; and Kathy, Brian and Ashley Brown, family

    Mick Daniel, HWB 1953, by Joyce Stodart

    Mariel DeLattre, MJHS 1952, by the DeLattre family

    Walter S. Granlun, Supervising Principal, by the Granlun family

    Mary Louise Hawkins, MVHS 1961, by the Moshannon Valley Class of 1961

    Lela Kephart, Bigler Township 1947, by Kathryn Gallaher

    Helen Krom, 2nd Grade Teacher, by Michael Krom

    Elaine Mick, MJHS 1955, by the Delattre family

    James S. Mills, MVHS 1964 by the Moshannon Valley Class of 1964

    Alex P. Thomas, Bigler Township 1936, by Dr. Andrew J. Thomas

    Honor Bricks –

    Moshannon Valley Class of 1964, by the Moshannon Valley Class of 1964

    David Ohs, MVHS 1983 by Norma J. Ohs Berdine

    Rick Ohs, MVHS 1977, by Norma J. Ohs Berdine

    Scott Ohs, MVHS 1974, by Norma J. Ohs Berdine

    Yolanda Swartz, MVHS 1958, by Frank Swartz

    Personal Bricks –

    Cheri Lehman, Faculty 1972-2007

    George Winters, MVHS 1971

    Raymond J. Wulderk, Bigler Township 1946

    Personal Bricks –

    Susan Basarab, Bigler Twp. 1942

    Robert L. Baxter, HWB 1953

    Vic Barron, MVHS 1957

    Mildred E. Bloom, MVHS 1965

    Richard Cardinal, MVHS 1964

    Anna Cramer, MVHS 1957

    Dorothy Cramer, HWB 1955

    Karen Hansel, MVHS 1960

    Gary Hopkins, MVHS 1959

    Andrew C. Kitko, MVHS 1961

    Shirley Kitko, MVHS 1964

    Ann C. Lloyd, MJHS 1953

    Daniel Ludwig, MVHS 1966

    Pat Murray, MVHS 1968

    Lee Thomas, HWB 1950

    Nancy M. Tubo, MVHS 1974

    Frances Tyler, MJHS 1955

    Sophie Vinglass, MVHS 1966

    Karen Walina, MVHS 1974

    Gene Wardo, MVHS 1980

    Sally A. Williams, MVHS 1962

    Gene Zazworsky, MJHS 1955


    Honor Bricks –

    Pauline F. Baron, MVHS 1958 by Brian, Jeff and Tim Rowles

    Craig J. Callovini, MVHS 2009 by Nancy M. Callovini

    Danielle M. Callovini, MVHS 2001 by Nancy M. Callovini

    Brenda Cardinal, MVHS 1982 by Rich and Shirley Cardinal

    Homer Delattre, Jr., MJHS 1953 by the Delattre Family

    Darynn Flango, MVHS 2001 by Rich and Shirley Cardinal

    Miranda Flango, MVHS 2005 by Rich and Shirley Cardinal

    Tom Flango, MVHS 1974 by Rich and Shirley Cardinal

    Dorothy Fundanish, MJHS 1954 by John J. Mashinic

    Karyn Goodrich, MVHS 1997 by David and Eileen Goodrich

    Michael Goodrich, MVHS 2000 by David and Eileen Goodrich

    Michael R. Kawa, MVHS 1960 by Craig and Kim Ludwig

    Vicki Kitko, MVHS 1982 by Larry and Carol Kokoskie

    Greg Kokoskie, MVHS 1980 by Larry and Carol Kokoskie

    Jeff Kokoskie, MVHS 1978 by Larry and Carol Kokoskie

    Marissa Kokoskie, MVHS 2003 by Larry and Carol Kokoskie

    Tim Kokoskie, MVHS 1981 by Larry and Carol Kokoskie

    Tony Kokoskie, MVHS 1984 by Larry and Carol Kokoskie

    Stanley Lutz, MVHS 1964 by Traci Southern

    Moshannon Joint HS, Class of 1953 by James Valeri

    Moshannon Valley HS, Class of 1973 by MVHS Class of 1973

    Moshannon Valley HS, Class of 2021 by MVHS Class of 2021

    MVHS Student Council 2015-2016 by MVHS Student Council 2015-2016

    Josiah J. Murray, MVHS 1994 by Patricia Murray

    Connie A. Prisk, MVHS 1964 by Robert D. Crain

    John A. Stanley, MVHS 1988 by Dorothy Cramer

    Barbara Surkovic, MVHS 1964 by Traci Southern

    Grant Joseph Walker, Bigler Twp. 1943 by Lori Walker Poythress

    Christopher Williams, MVHS 1983 by Patricia Rebar


    Memorial Bricks –

    Martin Baron, MJHS 1951 by Vic and Karen Baron

    Thomas W. Bloom, MVHS 1957 by Vic and Karen Bloom

    Edward J. Daniel, MVHS 1964 by the Daniel Family

    Andrew Fenchak, Bigler Twp. 1945 by John G. Kohan

    Carl Fenchock, MVHS 1958 by Ann Cramer

    Chester E. Hawkins, Bigler Twp. 1934 by Chester A. Hawkins

    Shirley Hensal, HWB 1952 by Lee Thomas

    William J. Hensal, Jr., Bigler Twp. 1945 by Jack and Nancy Hensal

    Genevieve Larson, Faculty by Ann Lloyd Klinger

    Sharon Ricciotti, MVHS 1966 by Dan Ludwig

    Dorothy Stanley, HHS 1932 by Jack and Nancy Hensal

    Julia A. Wardo, Bigler Twp. 1945 by Caryn Southern

    Robert A. Williams, HHS 1929 by Jack and Nancy Hensal

    Gina M. Yarger, MVHS 2003 by Warren and Kathy Yarger


    Correction –

    Crystal Brown, MVHS 2003 by Nancy Brown, mother; Tim Foreman, son; Patrick, brother; Kathy, Brian and Ashley Brown, family; and Kim Dickson, sister


    Memorial Bricks

    Edith Badman, HHS 1932 by Carole Sheppard

    Kenneth H. Bauman, Jr., HWB 1951 by Kelly Luzier

    John Berg, MVHS 1963 by Ronald Knight

    Rosalie Berg, MVHS 1963 by Ronald Knight

    Mary Ann Chabala, HWB 1954 by Drexel Bloom

    Joyce Copenhauer, MVHS 1963 by Ronald Knight

    W.E. Dale, HHS 1932 by Carole Sheppard

    Frances Dombrosky, Whiteside School by John and Janet Plummer

    Jeffrey Lynn Gallaher, MVHS 2000 by Ginger Gallaher

    Avanell Haines, HWB 1953 by Linda Clark and Louise Walker

    Dale Haines, HWB 1955 by Linda Clark and Louise Walker

    Susan Henderson, MVHS 1963 by Ronald Knight

    Marlene Hopkins, MVHS 1957 by Tom, Paulette and Marion Hopkins

    Joyce Hunt, MVHS 1963 by Jim Thomas

    Carl Keith Jr., HWB 1953 by Don, Kim and Allen Keith

    John A. Kostyak, Bigler Twp 1944 by Helen Kostyak

    Dena Mae Lewis, Bigler Twp. 1946 by Richard Cambrier

    Lynne Martin, MVHS 1963 by Ronald Knight

    John Ish Mayes, MVHS 1963 by Ronald Knight

    Frank “Muzzy” Montoro, Faculty Coach 1959-1995 by Claudia Plevinsky

    Bruno A. Novak, Faculty by David P. Novak

    Jon Olson, MVHS 1965 by Margaret Pourhamidi

    Olie Olson, MVHS 1963 by Ronald Knight

    Barbara A. Patkalitsky, MVHS 1957 by Carl E. Kokosko

    Odessa Patterson, Bigler Twp. 1936 by Beth Rhodes

    Victor Powell, Bigler Twp. 1952 by Rita Powell

    Richard Reifer, MVHS 1988 by Stephen and Tracy Rone

    Donna Rodkey, MVHS 1963 by Ronald Knight

    Vera Round, Bigler Twp. 1936 by Neal Franchock

    James F. Ruffner, MVHS 1961 by MVHS Class of 1961

    James Saupp, MVHS 1982 by Larry and Ruth Saupp

    Dixie K. Scaife, MVHS 1967 by Florence Miller

    Robert Sharpless, MVHS 1963 by Ronald Knight

    Jennie R. Stanley, Educator by Sally A. Williams

    Clark Swistock, MVHS 1963 by Ronald Knight

    Nancy L. Thrush, MVHS 1961 by MVHS Class of 1961

    Ethel Truax, HHS 1937 by Rich and Shirley Cardinal

    Gerald Waite, MVHS 1963 by Ronald Knight

    Jules Waterloo, Bigler Twp. 1929 by Joan McCoy and Annette Freeberg

    Robert A. Wells, MVHS 1992 by MVHS Class of 1964


    Honor Bricks

    Helen V Baron, Bigler Twp. 1947 by Doug Rowles

    Danielle Baughman, MVHS 1994 by Jeff and Peggy Baughman

    J.R. Baughman, MVHS 1997 by Jeff and Peggy Baughman

    Nicole M. Bloom, MVHS 1997 by George and Barbara Bloom

    Sandra R. Bloom, MVHS 1959 by George and Barbara Bloom

    Tana Rae Flango, MVHS 2007 by Tony and Shelley Flango

    Robert L. Frisco, MJHS 1950 by Nancy Frisco

    Gary W. Hopkins, MVHS 1959 by Tom and Paulette Hopkins

    James G. Jacobs, MVHS 1966 by Jeanie Jacobs

    Michael Kokoskie, MVHS 2011 by Larry and Carol Kokoskie

    Jacob B. Matchock, MVHS 2019 by Ron and Nancy Matchock

    Samantha A. Matchock, MVHS 2015 by Ron and Nancy Matchock

    Chad Moyer, MVHS 2008 by William and Pamela Moyer

    Moshannon Valley Class of 1981 by MVHS Class of 1981

    Jamie Natalie, MVHS 1993 by Ron and Donna Natalie

    Michele Natalie, MVHS 1980 by Ron and Donna Natalie

    Ron Natalie Jr., MVHS 1979 by Ron and Donna Natalie

    Tonya Natalie, MVHS 1982 by Ron and Donna Natalie

    John W. Passmore, MVHS 1971 by Richard and Marie Passmore

    Rebecca L. Passmore, MVHS 1974 by Richard and Marie Passmore

    Richard N. Passmore Jr., MVHS 1981 by Richard and Marie Passmore

    V. Greg Powell, MVHS 1976 by Rita Powell

    Dianna K. Prisk, MVHS 1972 by Constance A. Cain

    M. Buck Scaife, MVHS 1960 by Florence Miller

    R. Harvey Scaife, MVHS 1956 by Florence Miller


    Personal Bricks

    Jeff Baughman, MVHS 1972

    Drexel Bloom, HWB 1953

    N. George Bloom, MVHS 1961

    Richard Lloyd Cambrier, Bigler Twp. 1946

    John E. Feigh, Band Director

    Donna Fish, MVHS 1967

    Neal Franchock, MVHS 1969

    Richard Gavlack, MVHS 1960

    Lynn Hopkins, School Director

    Tom Hopkins, Faculty/Coach

    Cora M. Huber, HWB 1948

    Ronald R. Knight, MVHS 1963

    Frank J. Latosky, MVHS 1960

    Judy Ludwig, MVHS 1974

    Nancy T. Matchock, Faculty 1992-2000

    Ron Matchock, MVHS 1986

    Ruth Mays, MVHS 1964

    Diana McDermott, MVHS 1964

    Claudia Montoro, MVHS 1984

    David P. Novak, MVHS 1961

    Helen A. Orichosky, MVHS 1967

    John A. Orichosky, MVHS 1966

    Lisa Pollisino, MVHS 1981

    Bill Ricciotti, MVHS 1957

    Bill Ricciotti, Teacher

    Rita Rodkey, HWB 1953

    Larry J. Saupp, MVHS 1962

    Florence Scaife, MVHS 1957

    June Sharpless, HWB 1954

    Jim Thomas, MVHS 1961



    Personal Bricks

                    Vic Baron, MVHS 1957

                    Sophie Vingless, MVHS 1966

                    Karen Wahna, MVHS 1974

    Honor Bricks

                    John A. Stanley, MVHS 1992 by Dorothy Rishell

    Memorial Bricks

                    Thomas W. Bloom, MVHS 1958 by Mildred Delp

                    Carl Fenchock, MVHS 1958 by Anna Fenchock